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You can now place orders online with 1st BASE and it is as simple as 1-2-3.
Try it, it is amazingly easy to use and hassle-free!

How it works

Step 1: Register for free as a new user with 1oo
Step 2: Upon successful  registration, you will be issued a password
Step 3: Login and start ordering!

In the event that you encounter any difficulties registering a new account or placing an order, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Upcoming Holiday in Malaysia New

Dear Valued Customers,

Warmest Greeting from Apical Scientific!

Please be informed that our office will be closed for following holiday:

12th December 2022 (Monday) - Sultan of Selangor's Birthday

We are anticipating a slight delay in the processing of orders during these period of time.
Please send in your samples earlier for us to process.
Do be assured that we will do everything possible to minimize any potential delay.

We will reopen for business as usual on 13th December 2022 (Tuesday).

Thank you for your understanding and happy holiday!

Our Singapore Office & Laboratory has MOVED! New

Dear Valued Customers,

Our contact details remain the same and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

DNA Sequencing Results Available on 1oo

DNA Sequencing results will be available online for customers who have existing account with 1oo. With this added feature, you can download results anytime at your convenience without accessing a separate web link.

To retrieve the required DNA sequencing results, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to 1oo
Step 2: Under DNA Sequencing on the main menu, click "Download Results"
Step 3: Save the files separately in a storage device (e.g. Hardrive/USB Thumb Drive/CD)

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